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A&R | Winner's Circle Pub/Warner Chappell | 4EVR/300 ENT





Recognized as a music mogul on Yahoo! News, Martin "Marty" Berishaj has captured the trust of professionals and upcoming talent in the music business industry with his certified expertise in project management, digital and social media marketing, artist development, and skillsets he possesses to turn dreams into reality. 

Berishaj is currently a trusted A&R at Winner's Circle Publishing/Warner Chappell, and 4EVR Records/ 300 Entertainment of Warner Music Group.


Going global with his mission, this year he introduces cutting-edge music technology to North American and European music relations,  which will spark a revolution in the music industry overseas. 


Based in talent-rich cities, such as Detroit, New York, and Los Angeles, Berishaj reaches a wide variety of artists in multiple genres. Clients trust his abilities to take their career to the next level and beyond, preparing the artists for major labels. Offering opportunities to prospect clients, his catalog of services can be inquired via contact form.


Currently open to expanding his portfolio, new talent, artists, clients, and more, are welcome to contact him for a consultation.


Marty is passionate about what he does. That's what set him apart from my other options. I trusted his judgement and I'm glad I did.

My results spoke for themselves. I believe other music industry professionals need to follow his example. 

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